My Plane Routine


Before starting Roaccutane I wanted to go on my five-week holiday with Brad, where I knew I would be enjoying lots of sunshine. I was told that when I started Roaccutane it would increase my chance of sunburn as it makes your skin super sensitive to the sun and this wasn’t a risk I wanted to take on this trip. I was also hoping that during my time away my skin would breathe more and clear up with the sun and not wearing much makeup, but as you know from my previous post this didn’t happen.

So, I had a tough time deciding what to put in my little clear bag that’s allowed in my carry on. I didn't want my skin to completely dry out and I also wanted a tiny bit of makeup to put on when I landed as it was the first time I was seeing Brad in two months, so I want to make a little bit of an effort. Also, the most important thing I needed to pack was lip care. My damn lips get so dry and cracked, so as soon as I got to duty-free I picked up a new Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, which is a travel must.

The first thing I do when I get on the plane is use a makeup wipe to remove anything that I wore to the airport. I usually just wear tinted moisturiser, concealer, mascara and of course fill in my brows, so off this comes. For this particular flight, I brought the Mecca ones along to try, I really love the size of them. After that I apply my first mask, I have no idea what this one is called but I love it and my girlfriend brought it back from Japan for me. I leave that on for twenty minutes, remove and rub all the excess product onto my skin. After about an hour I then put on my second mask, this is the Arbonne mask and it’s a clear overnight one so I rub that in and leave it on for rest of the flight. When we get close to landing I used the mecca wipes to take the mask off, moisturised and then popped on the Arbonne CC cream, a bit of concealer, mascara, filled in the brows a bit and then used the Nars multiple stick on my cheeks and lips to give me a bit of colour.

Overall, I was quite happy with the results of these products and my skin didn’t get too oily or too dry so no complaints. Just had one spot pop out, which was on its way the morning of the flight.  What do you use on your long-haul flights? xx