Getting into running



I am not really an exercise person, I always come up with a plan to get into it but then always find an excuse to stop especially when it came to running. I remember when Brad said we should run the 6km City to Surf run together in March 2016 and I thought it would be impossible, but through all of Brad’s nagging, I managed to complete the run…but then I didn’t run again. 

Fast forward to September 2017 and my girlfriend Fiona and I decided to give running a go together, but to be honest I didn’t really push myself that hard with it. We would run 2km and I would keep stopping and walking so I kind of felt like I was letting Fiona down as she would always stop and walk with me.

Once we came back from our holiday I decided to get serious and give it another go especially after listening to some motivational audiobooks to change my mindset. 

On our first run, I decided that I would stick to my own pace instead of trying to keep up with Fiona and from this small change I have managed to make myself run the whole time without stopping and now after a couple of weeks, I am up to 5km without stopping. I know compared to what many others can do, it’s nothing, but I believe it’s important to be proud of all your efforts and now I can see myself running the 14km City to Surf in March 2018 and then hopefully a half marathon next year. 

I guess anything is possible if you really put your mind to it. All you need to do is stay focused, remain positive and believe in yourself.  xx