My Skin Story


In the first 26 years of my life, I’ve never had any issues with my skin so I feel like I really did take it for granted. All of this changed in January 2017, after coming off the pill I started to wake up each morning with a new pimple and my dry skin that I was used to was now like a slide of oiliness. The sad thing was that this also had to start right before my sister’s wedding where I was maid of honour, all I could say thank god, she got a great makeup artist in.

By April my skin was getting worse and after investing in all new skincare and still not noticing a change I decided to go to the doctor. She prescribed me Doxycycline and referred me to a Dermatologist, who decided to keep me on what she prescribed. 

Fast forward to July and my skin is the worse its ever been. My cheeks and chin are covered in spots and my confidence is at an all-time low. I feel like I can't go anywhere without a full face of makeup and even then, I still feel like people are staring at my skin and judging what I put into my body as they believe that’s what’s causing the acne. I went and saw my Gynaecologist for a routine check-up and she couldn't believe my skin, so she referred me to a different Dermatologist. This time I have been put on Isotretinoin, in other words, Roaccutane and due to an overseas holiday planned with lots of sunshine I decided to wait until I was back to start this treatment.

On Friday the 24th of November, I started taking Roaccutane and thought I would share this journey with you so stay posted for monthly updates. xx

PS. I was so nervous to post the pictures below, but I thought I should be honest and let you see how my skin really looks before starting the journey with you.