Nusa Penida Travel Guide


Nusa Penida is one of the most beautiful places I have been too and every photo you take looks like its straight out of a travel magazine. We decided to just do a day trip here and to be honest I think that’s enough time as it’s a lot harder to get around and lacks accommodation and food options. The one thing that really upset me about Nusa Penida was the amount of rubbish that was scattered all over the Island, it was honestly everywhere, and you can see the farm animals eating it along with the grass.



We hired a private driver to take us to the main sights and I think this is the best way to get around. You can hire scooters and do it on your own by the roads are steep and are so bumpy that it’s like you are off roading the whole time. I got car sick as usual when any sort of hills are involved, I was trying to nap it off but my head kept hitting the roof so by the end of the day I was happy it was over.


Kelingking Beach

A beautiful white sand beach surrounded by massive limestone cliffs that from the view point look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex Head, hence its nickname T-Rex Bay.

Angels Billabong

A natural clear water pool surrounded by a beautiful beach. The only downside to this spot is that it was very overcrowded, so we couldn’t get down there to have a swim in it.


Broken Beach

This is a couple minutes’ walk from Angels Billabong. Its name describes it perfectly as it’s what remains of a cave after its roof collapsed. The water is beautiful, and you can the most spectacular views of the ocean. While sitting here we got to watch some people snorkel with Manta ray.

Crystal Bay

We spent a couple of hours at this beach and it was the best way to end the day trip. The water was clear and warm, and it was nice just lying in the sun reading my book. If you want to do more than just lying around and swimming you can snorkel and go on some walks.