A weekend at Lake Tekapo


We had Lake Tekapo locked in my Mums birthday in October, I was so excited as I love exploring places in my own country and I had only ever driven through here. It’s a small town thats about a three hour drive from Christchurch. Tekapo is known as a winter wonderland and it was perfect coming down in early spring as we got the last of the snow for the year.


What to do:

  • Mt John University Observatory

    Lake Tekapo has one of the most spectacular night skies n the world, hence the reason there is a astronomical observatory on top of the mountain haha. The views here are amazing and I really want to go back and experience a night tour here. If you go up during the day you can drive yourself up and all you need to do is pay the $8 road toll. But if your up for an even more memorial experience you can do a night tour, where you get driven up on a bus and get to experience all the stars like you would of never experienced them before.

  • Tekapo Springs

    All I can say is that there is nothing more relaxing that soaking in a hot pool surrounded by the most beautiful mountains and lake views. I noticed on my way there that they a day spa that offers nail art, hopefully when I go back next time my nails will be long enough to treat themselves….the life of being an on and off nail biter. If you are visiting in winter the springs also have an ice skating rink and snow tube park, so there is so much to do here. They also offer their own star gazing experience, where you get to a combination of astronomy and story telling while floating in the hot water under the stunning night skies.

  • Lake Pukaki

    It’s just a small drive just out of Lake Tekapo and it’s the largest of the alpine lakes. You get the most incredible views of Mt Cook. I also recommend that if you like Salmon, you grab some from the small store there.


Where to eat

  • Astro Cafe

    Good coffee and the the usual New Zealand food (pies haha) while taking in the incredible views at the Mt John University Observatory. Also how good was the design on my coffee?

  • Tin Plate

    Highly recommend the pizzas here! So many yummy options to choose from. Half of this place is a bar with an incredible fire, where you could sit for hours drinking wine and playing games from their huge selection, my fav was What do you MEME? Playing with my parents was so fun as they do not understand what a meme is at all haha.

  • Mackenzie

    A good option for a more winter hearty meal. Also highly rate the dessert and wine menu!

  • Reflections

    I recommend here for the brunch and of cause good coffee, the two most important things to start the weekend away.


Where to stay:

There are so many options depending on what your are after and how much you want to spend. I recommend renting a good old Kiwi bach, but make sure it has a fireplace as its going to be cold! The best thing about Tekapo is that its so small so you can walk to all the restaurants from your wherever you are staying, but you might want to have a couple of red wines before you make the walk to keep warm.