Night-Time Skincare Routine


After finishing roaccutane six months ago I feel like I have finally got a night-time skincare routine down that’s not irritating my very dry sensitive skin. But at the same time is helping my skin with its acne scarring, which sadly is still over my cheeks. I have a couple of products that I’m using that are okay and doing the job at the moment, but am on the hunt for replacements so please let me know if you have any recommendations xx


Step one:

Oil Cleanser: Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil

This is the most affordable cleansing oil I have purchased and to top it off its actually good!! For the $8 price tag I was really surprised. It breaks down all my makeup including waterproof mascara and leaves my skin feeling fresh and moisturised.

Step two:

Double cleanse: Ren Evercalm Cleansing Milk

A gentle cleanser that is perfect if you are a sensitive skin babe. The best thing is that you can even use this cleanser while you are on roaccutane as its that sensitive!  It’s a thick cream that you massage all over your skin, including eyes and then rinse it off with a warm cloth.


Step Three:

Micellar Water

I always go in with a cotton pad and micellar water just to triple check that all my makeup is off. I’m currently using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, but another favourite is the Soap and Glory Drama Clean 5-in-1 Micellar Water.


Step four:

Toner: Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner

After making sure my skin is fully cleaned and clear of my makeup I then use a bit of this toner on a cotton pad. The best way to describe this product is as more of a chemical exfoliant that a toner and due to having sensitive skin I only use it at night. I feel like it is making my skin smoother and helping with my acne scars slowly. If you are after a skincare brand that’s affordable but good, definitely checked Mario Badescu out!!


Step five:

Spray: Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender

I spray this just before putting on my moisturiser as I feel like it calms my skin down after using the glycolic acid toner. I love these sprays and have all three scents and use them for different times of the day.


Step six:

Serum: Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Super Charged Concerate 

I got a sample of this from Mecca Maxima and it is incredible!!! As soon as it runs out I will be buying the full size. It’s a gel that is super hydrating and has bits that burst onto your skin. 

Step seven:

Moisturiser: Voeu Day Cream

I know that it says it’s a day cream, but rules are meant to be broken, right? Voeu is an affordable brand that is sold in Count Down and all of their products are under $10. I started using their body cream first and was really impressed and when my expensive night cream ran out I decided that I would try their face products. The only downside was that I could not find their night cream anywhere so just decided to try the day one instead. It’s a thick cream that I love to slather on all over my face and neck and then I just absorb it while sleeping, so far, I’m impressed but I am still hunting for the perfect night cream. 


Step eight:

Eye cream: Voeu Eye Cream

Another product that I am still on the hunt for the perfect one, as these bags really don’t like to be tamed. But so far the Voeu Eye Cream is doing a great job and keeping the eye area hydrated and looking after some eye wrinkles.