Trying to live a balanced life


I feel like 2018 has been such a busy year and we are only in March. I've had a stressful first couple of months with losing someone I loved and trying to set up some exciting but stressful business opportunities, which to be honest has left me feeling a bit burnt out. So I've started doing some research and for the last few weeks have been trying to find some balance, which I am starting to achieve, so I thought I would share some of the changes/tips I have started following.

1. Exercise

Running has made the biggest difference to my stress level and at the moment I am running three times a week and going to the gym two times a week. On days that I am more pushed for time and don't have time to go to the gym and it's raining so I can't run outside, I've started doing some YouTube videos. There is such a great selection of workout videos, my favourite are the boxing ones. I also love the Yoga Studio App, it's easy to follow and has mediation videos, which once you start using you won't stop.

2. Getting a bedtime routine

I always thought a bedtime routine was a bit silly when you were an adult, but since starting one I don't think I would go back to the old days without one. It has made such a difference to my sleep as I have truly unwound from the busy day. I try to start my routine about an hour before I go to bed. I start with removing my makeup and completing my night time skin routine, which is pretty basic since being on Roaccutane. I then lie down on my Shakti Mat and play a ten-minute meditation on my Yoga Studio App. After this, I get into bed and read a chapter to two of the current book I am reading and then lights out.


3. Meal Preparation

This has been a game changer as it means I'm saving money as I don't have to buy my lunch or dinner and I'm also eating breakfast now which is benefiting my waistline. I make sure I do my grocery shopping on Sunday and plan what each dinner meal will be and make sure there are enough leftovers to take for lunch. I also plan what snacks to take for the week as I wanted to stop buying processed snacks that were making me more tired in the afternoon. For breakfast, I now have a smoothie that I drink while driving to work.

4. Staying Organised

This is honestly the best way to keep your stress levels down. I write a weekly to-do list in my notebook and then break it down into daily tasks. I prefer to use a notebook rather than my phone as I love the satisfying feeling I get when I cross one of my tasks out.

How do you keep your life balanced? Do any of these tips work for you? xx