Nearly at the finish line


I can't believe I am so close to being finished, I do feel like its going to be a testing last couple of months especially as winter kicks in and my skin gets even drier. We had our first cold snap and my lips got so dry they started bleeding, and chunks of skin were coming off, so painful! The skin around my nose was also really flaky but Elizabeth Arden's Eight Cream really helped heal it. My chin has also become really dry, and the skin would just peel off with the slightest touch. After a couple of weeks of having none, I got blisters again. This is my own fault as I had been careful about what shoes to wear, but on Friday I really wanted to wear heels and within an hour of being in the office, I had 3 large blisters.

During my Wicked Makeover at Mecca Cosmetica, the Makeup Artist mentioned how smooth my skin is, so I'm lucky that my scarring is just red marks and not indents in the skin. I'm really hoping this will mean it's going to be easier to heal? I'm not really sure so I'm excited to get an update on the plan to fix it, but I don't know when this will be. My skin is also reacting well to my new cleanser, which is the Ren Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk, but my skin had a bad reaction to a sample eye cream.


I have such big eye bags, people always comment on how tired I look and even ask why I'm so black under my eyes, which drives me nuts. So I decided to try the Kate Sommerville Wrinkle Warrior Visible Dark Circle Eraser as the reviews seemed really good but unfortunately, my skin was just too sensitive and it ended up burning my skin and giving me a rash. Now I'm using the Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream, which my skin is liking and seems to be cooling on my eyes. 

I've also had to change up my eyebrows. As you know you can't wax when on Roaccutane so I've just been getting them plucked and coloured as mine are so blonde. But we have noticed that the dye is only last a couple of weeks and we think it may be because it's so dry around the hair that it's just not getting right to the root, so we decided to use Henna and now I'm never going back to normal dye. It has lasted the whole time between appointments and I prefer the colour it gives as its more natural. 

Next time I update you I should hopefully have finished my prescription! xx