Day trip to Akaroa


Akaroa is a small town about an hour's drive from where I live in Christchurch. It's a resort town, where you can go swimming with dolphins, boating, hiking and it has lots of cafes and restaurants.

My boyfriend Brad and I decided to head over there for the day before winter sets in as in winter I like to go to Hanmer Springs instead and pop myself into the hot pools. 

We arrived around lunchtime, parked up the car and headed to the main centre, which is along the waterfront and has most of the cafes and restaurants. We grabbed a meal at L'Hotel Akaroa, the meal was delicious and the view was stunning. We then got some ice cream and walked along the harbour, down to the pier and took in the beautiful views, especially of all the hills. 

After browsing the shops that have lots of cute gifts and items that you could fill your house with, we decided to stop and have a drink. We went to the HarBar Beach Cafe and Bar. This is right on the waterfront and they have live music, which makes it a great atmosphere. After our drink, we decided to call it a day and made the drive home xx.