I've finally finished!


Finally seven and a half months later, I've finished my course of Roaccutane.

It's been seven days since I completed my prescription and it's been an interesting week. At first, my skin got so dry all my makeup was cracking that I even if I wasn't wearing much makeup it looked really cakey.  I had a follow-up appointment with Louise at Louise Highet Aesthetics and picked up the Apres Peel Hydrating Balm and Hylauronic Acid Boosting Serum by PCA Skin and they have made such a difference. My skin is just sucking them up and starting to feel hydrated again.


It takes two to three months for the medication to leave my body, so my main focus at the moment is to keep it hydrated and then once it's out of my system to start the peels and other treatments.  

Do you have treatments that you recommend for scarring and skin that needs to be hydrated? I'll give you an update when I'm about to start the treatments xxx.