Be Interview Ready!


So you have received the phone call to schedule you in for the interview, first of all, a BIG congratulations since you have passed the first step. Now it's time to make sure you ace the interview! 


Step 1: Make sure you research the company! 

Check out their website, Linkedin Page and google them to see if they come up in any recent news articles. Also if you know who is interviewing you, you should look them up, but don't be a creepy stalker! Keep is purely business and see what qualifications they have, their work industry as it keeps you something to discuss in the interview. Remember one of the most common interview questions asked is what do you know about the company? So PLEASE make sure you have done the research!


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Step 2: Know what the role entails

Read the job description, look at the company culture. You want to show them that you are the person they are looking for and you are going to bring value to their company.


Step 3: Your Social Media

Please double check all of your social media channels, even if you are sure they are private. Make sure none of your posts are embarrassing or incriminating....if they are, delete! You do not want them found by a potential employer.



Step 4: Be Fully Prepared

Make sure you are fully prepared a couple of days before the interview, Plan what you're going to wear, make sure everything is clean and that you are dressed appropriately for the role and the company. Also its important that you feel confident in yourself as it shows, so make sure you feel comfortable in what you're wearing. I also recommend practising interview questions in the mirror so you can see how you come across. 


Step 5: What to take

I recommend taking a printed copy of your CV as it makes you look fully prepared. As well as a printed copy of your references and their details to leave at the end of the interview.



Step 6: On the day

Make sure you have mapped out the location earlier and know exactly where you are going. I recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to the interview, its the perfect amount of time as if you get there too early the interviewer is busy and they don't want the distraction of knowing that you're waiting for them well before their scheduled time.


Good luck with your interview! Let me know if any of these tips work for you xxx.