Tips to master your cover letter!


We all know that its hard to master your cover letter and you end up putting so much pressure on yourself. It’s the first impression that a potential employer will get of you, so you want to highlight your skills and your personality while making sure you stand out from the others so your CV will actually be read.

I hope I can help, check out some of my tips below and let me know if they make a difference xx.

Keep it short and sweet

Do not ramble guys!! And make sure that its only a page. You want to remember that your cover letter is the teaser to your CV, similar to a blurb of a book. It needs to sum you up in the best possible way while at the same time not giving too much away. A good idea to remember is that you can pick three of your top achievements, explain them briefly and then link them back to the role that you are applying for.


Don’t just copy and paste

Trust me we can tell the difference between a passionate cover letter and a cover letter that is just copied and pasted and been sent out for five different roles. Make sure that you personalise each one, I know it can be hard and takes a bit of time, but trust me it makes a big difference!


Stay relevant

Remember that you are matching your skills to the job, so you need to make sure that you are referring to the role and highlighting why you would be the perfect fit for it.


Doing your homework

Make sure you really do your homework. Address the cover letter to the correct individual, sounds simple I know but so many don’t do it. This really sticks out to the reader and it shows that you have actually taken your time to do a bit of research on them.


Signing off and staying in their mind

This is your final chance to make a good impression and make us want to read your CV. You could considering asking a rhetorical question or stating your best achievement. Whatever you decide make sure its non-generic, imaginative and will impress!