Things I quickly learnt on Roaccutane


Roaccutane is one really harsh drug for acne, but I am lucky that it did work for my skin and I only had to be on it for six months. If you’re about to start it, i hope some of this helps. Keep on reading for the top six things I learnt very quickly while being on it. xx

  1. Blisters everywhere

    Not only did I get blisters on my feet from all my shoes and I’m including shoes that I have been wearing for years, but they starting popping up on my chest from the underwire of my bra. Trust me this was not pleasant and eight hour became my best friend down there and bras with no wire.

  2. Your mouth will feel the pain

    Your lips getting so dry and honestly I feel like this happened overnight. As winter started they got so bad that they bleed a couple of times. So say goodbye to lipsticks and lip gloss and hello to eight hour cream yet again, for me this was the only thing that got me through. Along with the lips, the corner of my mouth started to crack/rip! So stay away from anything that require you opening your mouth to widely and keep it hydrated.

  3. Look after your eyes

    Your eyes become sensitive and dry. Get yourself some good hydrating eye drops and wear sunglasses whenever its slightly bright.

  4. Sunblock everyday

    Never skip a day of putting sunscreen on your face and if you are spending time outside slather it all over and try stay in the shade. You will burn, even if you are only outside for 10 minutes.

  5. Hair is not the same

    Be careful when shaving, especially your armpits as this area gets particularly dry and sensitive. Your sculpt will get itchy and dry, but there is one major highlight to this and it means that you don’t have to wash your hair that often, woohoo!

  6. Weak Nails

    To be honest I don’t have the best nails anyway as I can be a nail biter when stressed (hanging my head in shame at the disgusting habit) but your nails become weak and break easily. Invest in some nail oil, keep them short and keep moisturising those hands.