Sanur Travel Guide


Sanur is a relaxed beach town that was a nice change from the busy city of Seminyak for a couple of days. Sanur has the most incredible beach with lovely warm weather and the most delicious restaurants. We stayed here for four nights and I feel like that was the perfect amount of time. The only downside to our stay here was the weather….it rained for the first two days and I believe it effected us being able to fully see what Sanur has to offer.


What to do

Due to the weather we spent the full couple of days getting massages, eating and drinking so I can’t really complain. We also explored the stalls and visited Hardies, which is a large market in a mall. Very good for tourist things but not a must see. When it was nice we headed to the Beach Club ABC, this place is incredible and recommend that you spend the whole day here to make the most of it. We hired a day bed on the beach, which I recommend over one by the pool as its a bit quieter and not so many kids around. The sea water is so warm and their food is delicious. When we were on the beach one of the days I went off to a random bar to use the loo and you wouldn’t never guess it….I got locked in haha. I was in there for a good twenty minutes as no-one was around, lucky for me Brad got worried and came looking and he managed to film my rescue. If you want to watch this let me know and I can upload it haha.


Where to eat

There are so many amazing food places here, Ive listed my top 3 for you;

  • Soul In A Bowl, we had breakfast here a couple of times. They have the best smoothie bowls, juices and really good coffee and for Brad there was good bacon and eggs.

  • Jalapeno, the best Mexican food hands down. They had delicious tacos and their dessert menu is amazing! A bit different but you need to try it!

  • Casblanca, this place is more of a bar and has cool live music so you can get your boogie on.


Where to stay

We decided to stay at an AirBnB here and found a cute little studio apartment, which was just off the main road. It was the best location as you could walk to both sides of the town. Our host here was Komang and he is amazing!! He gave us great advice on where to go and we experienced a couple of earthquakes here and he would come running to our room to make sure we were okay. Komang also saved us from the largest spider Brad and I had ever seen, so he quickly became my hero haha. There is so many places to choose from when selecting where to stay, it just depends on what you want to do. Do you want to fully relax and spend more time at a resort, do you want to explore more etc.


Are you planning a trip to Sanur? Let me know if you check out any of my recommendations or if I missed anything amazing xxx.