My Hair Care Routine


I feel like a good hair care routine is hard to come by. Over my lifetime I have tried so many different shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, and treatments. I feel like the list just goes on and on, but I now feel like I am finally in a good routine and since I have repurchased all of these products a couple of times I thought I could finally share my routine.

I managed to get into this routine through a lot of research. Last year I decided that I wanted to start going a lighter blonde and in doing this I wanted to keep my hair healthy so I chopped a big chunk of it off and then through my research became loyal to Olaplex. Before going through my routine, I will let you know a little bit about my hair. It's dry, thick and very curly. I am not a fan of my curly hair so do love throwing the straightener through it, especially after cutting a huge amount off.

Let me know what you think of my routine. What products do you use and recommend? xx



Olaplex No 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Olaplex isn’t cheap but it’s worth the investment. I use 2 washes of this each time, but you only need the smallest amount. I love the fact that it foams up, so I feel like my hair is getting a really good clean. My one piece of advice is that if you are deciding what Olaplex products to invest in, I recommend the shampoo and the treatment.


Olaplex No 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

After using these products, my hair is in the best condition, probably the best condition its been in for 5 years. The colouring really had taken a toll. Also after getting so much cut its growing quickly which I’m having mixed feelings about haha, I can't decide what length I want it. When using this conditioner, I leave it in for 3 minutes and use a wide comb to make sure it's covering every bit of hair.


Hair Oil:

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil - Fine Coconut Oil

This oil is meant for normal to dry hair, which is a good description of my hair. I love that it’s nice and light and not greasy at all, even when you put it in dry hair. I use this product straight after I shower, I put a decent amount in the ends before I brush out my hair. I will then go in a second time after I straighten my hair.

Dry Shampoo:

COLAB Dry Shampoo - Candy Fragrance

This is my fifth bottle of this dry shampoo, I bloody love it!! The smell is incredible, so yummy. Brad loves the scent too. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to my hair, so I need a good dry shampoo in my life and luckily this one reaches my requirements as I only like to wash my hair twice a week.



Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3

This treatment is incredible! I would even go to say that it may be the only treatment you need in life for your hair haha. I recommend putting it in your hair and then going to bed, and when you wash it out in the morning your hair will feel amazing!