My top 5 Audio Books

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I am such a big fan of personal development and I feel like I a good audiobook can really change you. I love listening to them as I get ready in the morning, while driving to work and also when going for a run. It was hard but I have managed to narrow down my top five. Would love to know if you have any recommendations xxx


Girl Wash Your Face - Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis is an incredible women and my current girl crush. If you aren’t already following her on Instagram make sure you do! She’s a bad ass working Mum who is chasing her dreams and being in charge of her life! I’m currently super excited as she’s about to release another “self help” book.

The best description of this book is by The Washington Post who said that is a mix of memoir and motivational tips, quotes and common sense girl talk and that is spot on. When listening I felt like I was in the room with my girlfriend, having chats about your life. This book will leave you believing in yourself and knowing that you are the one responsible for your own happiness, so go out there and live your life!


Daring & Disruptive -

Lisa Messenger

I have been a fan of Lisa Messenger for years, she is entrepreneur goals! If you are ever going to start your own business or even wanting to get ahead in your corporate career then make sure you check this one out. This book talks all about Lisa’s successes, along with her failures which are just as important. One of my favourite messages is the power of your personal brand. After listening to this book you will feel ready to go out in the world and be ready to embrace your successes and failures just like Lisa.


The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck -

Mark Manson

Last year I kept hearing incredible things about this book and can say they are 100% true. In this book Mark takes that approach that you don’t need to be positive all the time, shit happens and we have to live with it.

As a person that loves to be positive it was nice to read a book where someone doesn’t sugarcoat everything and makes you realise that your life struggles all give your life meaning. If you are female or male I highly recommend this book.


The 5 Second Rule -

Mel Robbins

The 5 second rule is something that you will incorporate into your life after listening to this book. It’s made me get my butt out of bed in the morning to do some exercise. It’s also made me get out of my head before I do something that I don’t really want to do. Don’t worry not anything bad, its just getting me out of my comfort zone to attend a networking event haha, a big deal to an over-thinker like me!

In this book Mel explains the power of having that push moment that will help you become your greatest self, similar to having a coach or family member that pushes you.


You are a Badass -

Jen Sincero

I have listened to this book a couple of times now and its a game changer. Jen who is an incredible coach discusses some hilariously inspiring stories, awesome advice and gives you some easy exercises to do to make sure you become that badass you are meant to be!

Since listening to this one I have purchased Jen’s other book and I also recommend that one. I feel like they are such easy books to listen too, you feel like you can actually relate to what she’s saying and been through. We all know that the struggle is real!